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Russell Pinker

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Russell Pinker has lived and breathed motor vehicles for the majority of his lifetime. When he hasn’t been driving them, he’s been under the bonnet fixing them, selling them, watching them race and even building them from scratch.

Fuelled by an early desire to pursue his passion, Russell left Golden Bay High School in 1965 to start out as an apprentice motor mechanic. He met Rosemarie, who at the time worked in the office at Nelson firm MS Motors, they were married in 1971 and have raised two fabulous daughters, Kylie and Natasha.  While his daughters were the apples of his eye, they were girls and he was a bit outnumbered. All that has changed now, his patience has been rewarded with the birth of his three gorgeous grandsons and a granddaughter.

Russell opened his own workshop “Russell Pinker Motors” in the mid 1980’s and worked for an insurance company in conjunction with the workshop for 20 years. He is well known in Nelson, has trained and employed numerous local apprentice mechanics and has a solid reputation in the community.

CARS’R’US was opened in April 2011 and why wouldn’t you want to buy a car from someone with 46 years in the motor trade industry?

As Russell would say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and he is far from that. His interests are, of course, motor sport and he is currently a member of the mini club in Nelson and just completed a 6 year restoration on a 1970 Mini Cooper ‘S’ Replica.

He also enjoys the odd glass of pinot gris, coffee, yachting and an occasional jaunt across the bay cruising as well as catching up with family and entertaining his grandsons and granddaughter which he says doesn’t happen often enough!